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AutoVista - Data in Motion...

Brought to you by Blue Print; the complete solution for Asian and American vehicles.

It's your job to keep people on the move, so why accept an automotive technical database that is essentially static? Your automotive data should be as active as you are, with constant enhancements, improvements and new additions, enabling you to keep pace with the rapidly advancing independent aftermarket.

AutoVista is a new and unique, online, registration led, automotive technical data and parts catalogue system.

Accessible online 24hrs a day, it combines high quality, comprehensive automotive technical data, with Blue Print's market leading catalogue system; for complete simplicity and efficiency.

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Latest Update

Technical Data Additions

Our technical data is continually being updated. Here is an example of some key new additions:
  • New repair manuals including timing chains for various BMW, Mercedes, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Audi models.
  • New automatic transmission drain / refill procedures for 17 manufacturers.
  • New air conditioning drain / fill plug locations and component locations for 26 manufacturers.
  • Updated technical drawings including dust and pollen filter locations for 19 manufacturers
  • Battery disconnection / connection procedures for 24 manufacturers.